June 24, 2016


Special Education Special List

ms serieux

Miss Angela Serieux


My name is Angela Serieux and I am humbled and honoured to be a teacher attached to the Patience Combined School. Over 20 years ago, I started my journey as a teacher because I enjoyed serving others.

In my stint at the Patience Combined School I had great pleasure to teach every grade level at the school. Presently, I serve as the support teacher/special education (SENT); helping to elevate and develop the slower bright sparks.

I continue to teach because in my opinion teaching is so rewarding and gives me a sense that I am making the world a better place; one pupil/child at a time. I was blessed to have been touched by some caring teachers:

  • Jennifer Malzaire and Ms Rufina Augustine at the primary level;
  • Mr Joseph Hayden Serieux and Mr George ‘Benny’ Charles at the secondary level.
  • At college Mr Weeks and Ms Sargusingh really made an impression.

I say thank you for believing in me and I am paying it forward.



French Specialist

mrs sealy

Mrs. Shernelle Sealy


Throughout my tenure as a teacher I have found it most rewarding to teach French. The students are drawn to learning the language and I believe that introducing them to language at such a tender age is beneficial to them and helping them develop a love an appreciation for the language.



Music Specialist

mr smith

Mr McClaude Smith


Music is part of who I am and what I do. I am elated that I can pass on various skills to students and introduce them to different aspects of  music and the musical instruments. I teach students how to play an instrument (for example the piano, guitar or drums) and give singing and voice lessons. I get to share what I know and enjoy seeing my students grow and blossom.



Physical Education Specialist


Mr Brendon Florence


For all those who know me, would know that I live for sports. Physical activity is vital to sustaining life and I take my job as the physical education teacher at the Patience Combined School very seriously. I am an active participant in sports at all levels. My aim is to instil positive values in students in regard to maintaining a balanced physical activity program that can promote health and wellness.