June 23, 2016

Brief History

The Patience Combined School, a twenty –five year old establishment has been the host of educational activities and sound learning. Throughout its history, the School has maintained a commitment to providing the highest calibre of students and educational experience to exceptionally talented young minds from the direct community of Patience and other neighbouring communities. This prestigious educational institution was built in 1990 and was official opened in 1991.

The school’s initial enrolment figures were more than twice what currently exist today. Both the teacher and student populace has plummeted significantly. Twenty five years later from its inception, the school has moved from a student population of over three hundred to roughly one hundred and twenty eight students. Also, a decline in teaching staff experienced a shift from over twenty teachers to eleven. The then chief administrator for the school was the distinguished, Mrs. Agatha Charlery. She was succeeded in 2008 by renowned teacher and spiritual pioneer Ms Sylvia Charlery, who still serves in this position.

This ‘U’ shaped, two storey building, located in Patience Mon Repos on the east coast of St Lucia overlooking the majestic scenery of the Atlantic Ocean, currently hosts seven classrooms (from Kindergarten to Grade 6), a fully refurbished science lab, a computer lab, a library, a music/French room a special Education room, an assembly hall, a staff room, an administrator’s office and a kitchen.

The school has maintained structures that facilitated its day to day operations. School begins at 9:00 am for every student and teacher and ends at 2:30 pm. for infant level (Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2) students and 3:00 pm. for primary level students. Every Monday has a general assembly where all students are present in the assembly hall. If the Monday has no school then general assembly is conducted the next available school day. This has been the norm before and still holds now.

At the Patience Combined School excellence is the standard we promote as we carry the mantle of what our predecessors once upheld, encouraging our students to be determined and believe that they will achieve as our school motto states. We ensure that all stakeholders work together for the greater good of the school and ensuring that students are prepared holistically to move on to greater achievements.


Staff contributions over the years


Ms. Shervon Lewis: Grade four teacher who is currently on study leave

Staff Year   Staff Year
Agatha Fevrier-Charlery 1991-2008 Marie F. Louis 1992-1994
Pamela Serieux-Charles 1991 Garry Fevrier 1992-1993
Cynthia Wilson-Charles 1991 Dorothea Maxwell 1992-1996
Margaret Descartes George 1991 Hyacinth Norbert 1993-
Carola Charlery 1991-2006 Jennifer Malzarie 1993-1994
Sylvia Charlery 1991- Janeta Joseph 1993-2003
Timothia Joseph 1991-2003 Ursula Augustin 1994-1996
Angela Serieux 1991- Flora Joseph 1994-2000
Nigel Jn. Baptiste 1991-1997   Cathyanna Kangal 1995-1996
Junia James 1991-   Maureicene mrcellin 1995-1998
Chriselda Stanislaus 1991-1999   Ryan Augustin 1996-1997
Sabina James 1991-92, 93-96, 98-00   Diana Fanis 1996-1998
Emma Serieux 1991-2001   Liz S. Mathurin 1996-1988
Gregorina Wilson 1991, 93-96, 98-2001   Alexandra Serieux 1996-2000
Newlla Charlery 1991-1994   Mariana Vasson 1998-1999
Janey Joseph 1991-1993   Reine Joseph 2002-2004
Marie Roserie 1992-2016   Donna Joseph 2003-2006
Agatha Fevrier-Charlery (Mon Repos Combined School) 1963-1991